Lemaire Channel

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Woke up bright and early to watch as we sailed through the narrow Lemaire Channel, where the towering, awe-inspiring cliffs on either side are supposed to be one of the highlights of the trip Shit View didn't really improve much from this
Navigating the Lemaire Channel Navigating the Lemaire Channel Lemaire icebergs
Those towering, awe-inspiring cliffs Glacier Glacier
Glacier One of the few ships we saw during the voyage Exiting the channel
Glacier Float ice Foggy conditions
Obviously the weather started to clear after we exited the channel Tabular iceberg Tabular iceberg
Blue iceberg Chilean research station Glacier
M/V Ushuaia wheelhouse The scenery after leaving the Lemaire Channel at the southern end On the return trip, we picked up a Chilean soldier who had to hitch a ride back for a family emergency
Exiting the Lemaire Channel The snowstorm overnight M/V Ushuaia deck
Lemaire Channel Lemaire Channel Lemaire Channel
Humpback whale showing off. Never saw one breach during the entire trip though. Glacier Glacier
Glacier Chilean research station boat Southern end of the Lemaire Channel
Iceberg Iceberg Iceberg
Glacier Chilean research station Chilean research station
Really blue iceberg Lots of icebergs Waiting to pick up the Chilean hitchhiker
Dome iceberg Southern end of the Lemaire Channel Southern end of the Lemaire Channel
Iceberg Iceberg Glacier
Iceberg Glacier Glacier
Cool looking iceberg Glacier Sailing away from the Lemaire Channel
Antarpply's M/V Ushuaia

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