Detaille Island

Slideshow (Flickr)

Zodiac cruise in the waters of Lallemand Fjord around Detaille Island Pretty cool looking iceberg Add it to the list of my favorite icebergs from the trip
Alejandro, Antarpply expedition staff Tabular iceberg Float ice
Crazy shaped iceberg Antarpply zodiacs Navigating around ice chunks
Going through the float ice My favorite zodiac driver The start of an ice arch
Iceberg Really blue ice Antarpply zodiac
Large chunks of float ice Dome iceberg Cruising in Lallemand Fjord
Really blue ice Ice window Ice window
Cruising in Lallemand Fjord Clouds capping the hill Iceberg
Looks like a former pinnacle iceberg Going through the float ice Waiting to board the zodiacs
Icebergs Iceberg

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