Akademik Vernadsky

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Akademik Vernadsky, a Ukrainian research station on Galindez Island It used to be a British research station, but the British sold it to Ukraine in 1996 for 1 pound because that was a cheaper alternative to tearing it down while complying with environmental regulations. Some wishful thinking...
Akademik Vernadsky logo Just in case you forgot where you are A balmy 0.9 degrees C
The gym. The research station is typically manned by 12 Ukrainians, but can house up to 24. The southernmost public bar in the world, selling $3 vodka shots. The vodka is made at the station. Or if you forgot your $3 cash, the women can trade their bras for a shot
Wish I knew what that said Souvenir shop Antarctic chess
Research station chapel Hola Cool logo
Walking up the hill to a viewpoint Up the hill Galindez Island
Inside Wordie House, named after Sir James Wordie who visited during the construction while he was on Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition, 1914-1917. Food stores Iceberg in the harbor
Perimeter guards Photoshoot with Shasa

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